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Welcome to my Online Coaching

If youre interested in gaining muscle mass, strenght, losing fat, do a body recomposition, gain strenght or improving your health.

I can help you with that.

You will receive my personalized help and will see results.

If your determined, we will do good.

Whats Included in the Coaching

Personalized and periodized training program.

It will be designed based on your training level, genetics, lifestyle; and it will be regulated and updated on a reactive manner (ad hoc), even on a daily basis if needed. It involves an initial training test that will help me determine the best parameters. Involucra una primera semana de pruebas que

Supplementation program

Supplements are not a crucial part of my methods, and in general my clients save money on supplements. However, there are some that we could use strategically.

Form Checks

You can always send me training videos to evaluate the technique employed, and allow for a better and safer progression.

Sleep improvement

Most People dont have good sleeping habits. You need good quality sleep. Thats why I also focus on improving this, if needed.

INjury management

We are not always on our 100$, but with many strategies we can keep progressing and allow for a faster recovery. Healing the injury eventually.

Nutritional Program

Calories/Macros Prescription, foods that promo, food recomendations, and a regulatory diet plan, all of this will be based on our objectives. One of my main objetives is that you never be hungry (throught meal manipulation and food quality), and that you learn wich foods are best for you (food selection).

Progress monitoring

Your progress is very important to me, so it will be monitored constantly, so we can now that we are getting closer to our goals.

Meal plan evaluation

You can always send me your current meal plan so they can be evaluated and improved if neccesary. You rarely should be hungry or have problems getting enough calories.

Constant coaching

Every client have direct communication with me, thourght an exclusive email, where they can ask any type of questions regarding the training or nutrition program. I usually respond during the first hours.

Social events management

There will be social events in wich is very likely that will eat more than we should and slow down or halt our progress. There are many ways to avoid the negatives outcomes and still be able to enjoy yourself. I will teach you how you can do this.

Client results

resultados físicos recomposición
"Is something incredible, i never thought that I will improve so much and be able to achieve for my weight loss, and specially for the fat loss in an efective manner, aside from the organized training that the Realidad Fitness offers, along with the supervision and the resolution of my questions, Jcob ends up transmiting the responsability to achieve every goal we proposed ourselves in nutrition and training. To get the results we want is though but it is definetaly worth it, to see how much your will and perseverance can take it, along with a good action plan."
University Student
Fritz Resultados Realidad Fitness Coaching
"I started working with Jeycob and he designed a training and nutrition program for me, during the first weeks it was though, I myself am a skinnyfat person, i was skinny with a belly wich always was bothering me. With only 3 months of supervised training y following my nutrition plan, I was able to get very good results, without needing any supplement, only following the program y being rigorous with myself i was able to get a very flat stomach with ab muscles, as well as gaining muscle mass in the rest of my body.

Jeycob fully commited with me, and transmitted that passion for fitness , thats why i have to admit that without him, i wouldnt have been able to achieve what i was capable of."
University Student

My Own Transformation

Not so long ago i achieved a quite fast bodytransformation

This is what initially allowed me to develop my methods and learn how to get results.

After that I started using them with other people, seeing great results.

What You will Get

You just have to shoot me an email at:

Ill give you more details and we can start working together.

Whos going to help you?

My name is Jeycob, I usually write it as "Jcob"

Jcob acerca de historia

Im a Nutritionist, Dietitian (Graduated in Nutrition and Dietetics), and personal trainer.

Im the Creator of Realidad Fitness, a dedicated web that promoted evidence based fitness in spanish.

For years i had the same physique even though I was training hard and counting my macros.

However I was never able to achieve an advanced pyshique.

After a bulking phase, I would do a cutting phase and my pyshique wouldnt change much.

(For Years my pysique looked like that)

Even to the point that I questioned if it was even possible to get a good psysique without drugs.

It wasnt until I started using scientific evidence to design my plan, that I started noticing the results that I always wanted.

And from there on I havent stop progressing.

Jcob realidad fitness

Now my job is to take every person's pysique that i work with to the next level.

But in less time.

As your coach, my priority is that you have fast and long lasting results.

Payment methods

The payment is ideally done trough Paypal (Crédit Card) or Via Western Union/Money Gram.

It is paid on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time.

Results guarantee

If after following meticulously the program you get no results, I will give you back all of your money.


That simple. 

If youd like to start or have any other questio, just send me an email at:

I will be waiting.
See ya!